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SonicView 360 HD Dual Tuner PVR

Sonicview 360 HD - fta receiver
Coming Soon!
Sonicview 360 HD - Coming Soon!!.
Sonicview 360 HD is due by the end of August 2009.
SonicView 360 HD Dual Tuner PVR - Finally record a HD program while you watch another HD program!! SonicView 360 Dual Tuner HD PVR has ATSC Tuner "Over the Air" digital TV (with UHF Antennae) and satellite,that alows to SonicView 360 switching between satellite channels and TV channels. The SonicView 360 HD PVR is now the top FTA receiver on the market. Powered by a new super-fast CPU the SonicView 360 HD is very responsive and fast. You'll love the new interface designed with ease of use and true-PVR in mind. PVR accomplished through external hard drive.

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