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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free-To-Air?
Free to air systems allow you to get TV for free! There are over 3000 free-to-air TV and radio channels available world-wide many of which are foreign language channels. Many people enjoy watching program from their home Country. This is all possible with FTA.

What software does my receiver come with?
All of our receivers come with factory authorized firmware that has been on it since it left the manufacturer. We do not answer programming questions, we do not cover your receiver under warranty if it has been flashed with non-authorized software, and we do not condone the theft of satellite signals. We are selling our receivers for their intended use which is to obtain Free-to-air channels, viewable for free legally in Canada and the United States. These units are not sold by us to steal signals nor are they intended for this use by us or the manufacturers, and once again we do not condone the theft of satellite signals or cover your receiver under warranty if it has been tampered with.

What channels are available to me with your receivers?
All of our receivers can get the same channels, and a complete list can be found at www.lyngsat.com.

What do I need for a complete FTA satellite system?
You need receiver, a diseqc switch and update cable , a satellite dish (with an additional LNB for every additional signal you wish to receive),RG6 Wire, and connectors to attach the wire to your receiver and dish.

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